The Vincentians in East Africa

Why are we Vincentians here in East Africa?

Because we believe that if Vincent DePaul were alive today, this is one place where he would want us to be. Today, Vincent would be walking the streets of Nairobi, Kampala and Dar-es-Salaam once again discovering the image of Christ in the poor. Vincent too would be visiting villages from as far north as Moyale, Kenya to as far south as Mbinga, Tanzania inviting young East African men to join him in his work of evangelization of the poor.
Finally, we want to help answer the challenge issued by the African Synod in 1994: “There is fundamental need for prophets to arise and speak in the name of God and in the name of the hope for the creation of new identity. Africa has need of holy prophets.”

Basic Requirements for Admission

1. Has achieved university level average on Form 4/6 leaver examination.
2. Has a C+ average in secondary school lessons as required by the Catholic  University of Eastern Africa.
3. Has Division II and above in UACE (2principal pass and a subsidiary).
4. Has been out of secondary for one full year.
5. We welcome college students, graduates and people with work experience.
6. Has been a Catholic for at least five years.
7. Is between the ages of 18 & 30 years old.
8. Is in good health, which is needed for the demands of an active pastoral life.
9. Is not married nor separated from his wife.
10. Has no criminal record.
11. Has no unfinished debt.

Basic Documents Required for Admission

1. An initial Application form.
2. A photocopy of your Baptism and Confirmation Certificate, Birth Certificate and Identity Card
3. Your Academic Records
a. KCPE/ Primary School Leaving Certificate
b. Form 4 Certificate and Result slip for Kenyans
c. Form 6 Certificate and Result slip for Ugandans
d. Higher Training/ University/ Seminary Transcripts
4. Two Passport Photos and One Full Length Photo

Recruitment Process

The recruiting process usually lasts about 12 months from the time of initial contact between the Vocation Director and the candidate.

Recruitment Process

Vocation Director

Congregation of the Mission ( Vincentian Fathers and Brothers)
DePaul Centre
P.O. Box 24749, 00502 Karen, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa.
Tel: +254-710-771-104/+256-774-818-549
Email: cmvocations.kenya@gmail.com
Kenya, East Africa
Visit our website: www.cmkenya.org