Formation (St. Vincent Depaul Seminary)

  1. DePaul Centre Seminary

Our seminary is one of the key pillars of Vincentian heritage in Kenya. This seminary which is located on Langata Rd, Nairobi has hosted all the ordained confreres in Kenya. The seminary now clocks close to 2decades of existence and growth. Many aspiring vocations have come through our gates and a significant number are ordained or incorporated in our institute, suffice to say many inspiring Formators have attended to the students at DePaul Centre.

The seminary houses students at all levels of formation, that is, Initiates, Associates, internal seminary, admitted and incorporated members. There are three significant buildings in the compound, that is, the Damascus house which houses the internal seminary and a wing for the MICoF program, the Administration building which is basically an office and residence for the community members, and the renown Ravasi Hall which houses the students and few formators. Other important buildings are the Chapel and kitchen. At DePaul Centre we also have the Woodworking shop where Bro. Jim trains young men with woodworking skills.

Currently we have 27 students and 4 formators. We also have a chief financial officer who integrates the DePaul finances and is housed at the Centre. The table below illustrates the distribution of the student and formators.

Category Number Formator in Charge
Initiates 5 Rev. Wilfred Atinda /Dean of Students Life
Associates 11
Admitted Members 11
Internal Seminary 2 Rev. Ignatius Mukanzi / RECTOR
All Students   Rev. David Mwaura / Dean Worship & Pastoral activities
Students & Deacons   Rev. Lennoxie Lusabe /Dean of Studies
Brother Candidates 2  


Wood Working Activities Bro Jim Donlevy

DePaul Centre Business Office

Chief Finance Officer

Rev. John Bosco Idiama


The students attend Tangaza University College for their studies. They also go to apostolic sites around Nairobi every week for a pastoral experience. They also engage in community activities which can include manual work and sporting activities. Every morning and evening the students congregate at DePaul Chapel for spiritual exercises. The formation program is designed to help the students discern properly their call and responsibly respond to the call of being a Vincentian.

DePaul is adjacent to the Daughters of Charity. Our communities interact oftentimes for purposes of growing together in charity and charism. Some of the areas they collaborate is liturgical exercises and workshops. The collaborative efforts at play helps our students and confreres as well as the Daughters to discern better ways of living out the Vincentian Vocation.

There are hosts of workers at DePaul at any given time. This places our seminary at a vantage point of charitable interaction with the laity which only adds great value to our formation ideals.

DePaul Centre is on the rise as they implement their strategic plan recently ratified. They aim at reaching out their goals in evangelization and formation. It is worth noting that DePaul has one of the most ordered and progressive formation program in the country and the Region. We would like to invite many Vincentians to visit and have an experience at DePaul Centre. It is a place of renewal, hope, and evangelization.