Diocesan Seminary Formation

  1. Christ the King Major Seminary

The Vincentians have been involved in this seminary apostolate for over 2decades. This seminary belongs to the Archdiocese of Nyeri, Central Kenya, and accommodates faculties for Spirituality, Philosophy and Theology. Currently we have 3 confreres assigned in the seminary.

Augustine Mabanga

The Vincentians have only been around this apostolate for close to 3 years now. The seminary is one of the oldest institutions in Kenya. It accommodates Philosophy faculties. The seminary is in the Western part of Kenya. Currently we have 2 confreres teaching there.


  1. Tangaza University College

This college is owned by a number of Religious congregations. The college hosts a number of institutions which offer a variety of courses. Nonetheless the emphasis is on The School of Theology. We do consider Tangaza as part of our Vincentian heritage since we have not only invested our resources there, but usually that is the learning institution of our seminarians. We have developed a good relationship with Tangaza over the years. Two of our confreres teach in the institution. In coming years Tangaza will become a chartered university. As a Region and soon to be Vice-Province of Kenya we would like to be part of the new entity and partner with them in championing Catholic Higher Education.