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BUY A SCHOOL UNIFORM TO KEEP A POOR CHILD IN SCHOOL With covid pandemic most school in hae been closed for quite some time, but now, schools are re-opening. It has been a long break from school, and it is now difficult to encourage the children to return to school. One of the things that will gets them more excited to go back to school is when they have some fresh new uniforms to come to school in. In Kenya, school uniforms serve the following important purposes: 1. in public school, the uniforms are often the only clean clothing the poor children are supplied with other than one outfit at home 2. The school uniforms are signs of protection to the children as it identifies them as students of a particular public school 3. The schooluniforms give the children a sense of belonging and pride The cost is USD15 to USD 30per uniform per children Any donation you can manage will be greatly appreciated.

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