We, the Vincentians in the Region of Kenya, are committed to following Christ evangelizing the poor by making every effort to put on the spirit of Christ himself, by working at evangelizing the poor, especially the more abandoned, and by helping the clergy and laity in their formation leading them to fuller participation in the evangelizing of the poor.

We commit ourselves to that effective evangelization of the poor which St. Vincent modelled and bequeathed to us, an evangelization motivated by seeing Christ in the poor, being evangelized by them, and imitating the actions of Christ towards the poor. This effective evangelization includes both announcing the mystery of salvation to the poor and alleviating their misery.

Announcing the mystery of salvation includes the proclamation of Word and the celebration of the sacraments especially the Eucharist, as well as the formation and renewal of faith communities in the Catholic Tradition. Alleviating the misery of the poor includes the direct service to the poor as well as multiple works by which the root causes of poverty are addressed.

In order to render the work of evangelization more effective, we live a fraternal life in community and seek out in prayer the signs of God’s will and strive to imitate more the responsiveness of Christ. Thus, apostolic involvement with the world, community life, and the experience of God in prayer complement one another and make an organic unity of our lives as Vincentian missionaries.

In pursuing our mission, we do so through a faithful observation of our Constitutions and Statutes as approved by the Church.

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